About me

Welcome to Amy Elizabeth Porter

Hello thank you for coming to my blog and wanting to know more about me. Here are a few little things about me.

- I'm 26 years old from East Midlands in Leicestershire
- My blog is about Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion
- Taken by  ♥ Joseph King Gardner V ♥
- My dream job is to work with Dogs Trust or a ZOO
- I have a older brother and older sister 
- Book's, Cup of teas, Animal Lover, Hot baths, Bath Bombs, Make-up, Shopping, Baking there are just a few things I like to do.
- I have my own YouTube channel which can be found on my home page.
- I have been blogging from Aug's 2015
- I'm a lover of all Disney but who isnt
- I'm so mad about Beauty and everything about it.
- I suffer with Anxiety which can be bad sometimes depending on the situation.

I really hope you enjoy my blog and getting to know me more your welcome to e-mail me anytime.

Amy xxx

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