* Life Update 2017 #2 - What's Happened Where Have I Been *

So I guess your all wondering well there hell have I been? Why aren't you blogging as much now. Well I'm going to tell you why in this post. But what I want to say first is I am STILL blogging i'm just doing it when and want now and posting when I want to. Because it just a hobby for me and I have so many other hobbies also and doing stuff outside of blogging it just sometimes finding the time to do it.

But lets start off on whats been happening, First thing as I had to leave my job at the Kennel's due to harassment every single day I felt like I was walking on eggshells, I either did something wrong even thought I was doing it how I was shown to do it walking the dogs if your back 1 minute early you get moaned at that they have lost a minute of play time if your 1 minute late then you get told off again bearing in mind you have 15 minutes to get out 3 dogs walk 5 minutes up to the field and walking them round twice in 5 minutes then bring them back again. (Which is as big as a football field). I worked 6am till 7pm 6 days a week and even on my days off I get whatsapp message in the group chat and I left everyday upset for cryin because of how I was spoken to and I don't want to work in a environment where someone is do bitchy and grumpy. I wasnt the only one she was doing this to either the day I left 5 other staff members left due to harassment also. So I spent a few weeks getting myself back on track health wise because it just really took me by surprise how mean she was to everyone.

Also my mum and step dad have moved house which has gotten to me quite badly because I don't drive at the moment I can no longer just walk down the road to see them now I have to either wait for them to pop in to see me or wait for my brother or sister to drive down and get a lift with them while me and Joey find ourselves a car.

I have also found another job which I am enjoying but even thought its just part-time at the moment its okay because I have been promised more hours in a few months time once a staff member leaves. But also with not having Joey here at the moment cause he has had to fly home due to a family matter its been hard without them but also nice to have sometime to myself as well but I'm missing him so much that when i need someone to talk to hes just not next to me to speak to its only through Skype until hes back in September which isn't to far away now.

So yeah i have been quite down these past 2 months that I just haven't been able to write anything because my anxiety just wouldnt let me do it. But now I'm feeling better I really wanted to update you all on what's happened and what else has happen in my life to. So I'm going to tell you know some good things that have happen to me so far and what I have also been up to on my blog break. First of all I finally did my theory test after been so nervous for a year but I did fail this one but 4 points which i'm not to upset about because I have a strong feeling I will pass my next one 100%, Getting this new job i have met some amazing people who are becoming such great friends and I'm really enjoying everything about it. But another thing I have also started and have been doing is another YouTube channel. Yes I know i had a beauty one which I will still carry on but I'm not sure when just yet but because I love gaming so much I have made a channel all about

The Sims

Yes i know your maybe all shouting GEEK at the screen right now but you know what I dont mind because I love doing these kinds of videos and I have met some great friends thought is also which is another bonus for me you can check out my channel here if you want to but I would love it if you can support me to <3

But I also felt like there is some much competition out there about blogs at the moment and there is so much happening on twitter each time I go on someone has said this or said that or that something going around. Don't get me wrong everyone is entitled to there own thoughts but sometimes people take it over the top and I remember that blogging is for fun but seeing people putting other people down it isnt right. So I thought you know what I'm doing my blog for me and me only YES i love everyone that is supporting me and reading blog of course I do and I want to thank you all for supporting me still while I have been away for awhile. But I will be posting what I want when I want and how I want and you should to its your blog you write what you love. I know this might sounds like I'm bitching but I'm not I see a few people worry about how there blog is and what they can do to change it I am the same and I still am now I wont lie but my blog is for me and my viewers. I love writing about places I have been and products i'm using i really do so that why I doing my blog how I want to do.

But yes overall that's what has happened to me so far and my thought so I just wanted to update you all about it. But i am back now I think ill be post 1 a week at the moment maybe 2 but i want to thank you for the people who are still supporting me and following me still it really means the world to me and I hope this has cleared your mind on where I have been hiding.

I love you all so much!

Until next time


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