Pura Vida Bracelets - Wave Hello 2019 January subscription

Hey everyone! Yes I know it's been over 4 months from my last post but I can say I have been pretty busy with my life that I just didn't have the time to write a post but I'm here with some free time and I can start writing again!  So with moving to the United States I came across this brand called Pura Vida Bracelets where you can buy any different styles of bracelets and jewelry, But they also have a monthly subscription which of course me being me I had to be apart of this amazing company and I want to share with you my first month of bracelets from them and tell you what I think and why you should join.

So let's start with there story and how they become what they are today.
*All the information you are about to read now is from there website if you would like to read more then please visit there website which is linked below*


October Favorites 2018

Hello, my stunning readers! Sorry I haven't posted in over 2 weeks I've been so busy doing bits for my wedding and it's just taken all of my time to get it perfect and crafting my invites as well.

So awhile back I wrote about the different things I have been enjoying each month and I wanted to start bringing that back to my blog and I know its nearly the end of 2018 (OMG where has the time gone). I wanted to start with what I have loved in October.


Jeffree Star Red Mini Bundle Set

What's up everybody and welcome back to blog! (Can't beat a Jeffree Star intro). So as you can see by the title of this blog post today I am talking about Jeffree Star's Red Mini Bundle Set from the newest collection. 

Now I have been a fan of Jeffree Star for over 2 years now and my collection of hes makeup line is getting bigger and bigger, That it got the stage were I wanted to add some more liquid lipstick but I didn't know what red I wanted to get so I got is Red Mini Bundle so I can test each one he has and I'm glad I went for this mini bundle because each one can last for months and they're easy enough to pop into your handbag.